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Design made her do it.

Megan Prentice is a Perth-based designer who has spent the past 15 years curating an exciting design portfolio including residential and commercial projects. Megan initially followed science-based university studies, which led to a decade-long career, working happily as an occupational therapist. She had, however, always shown a natural affection for all aspects of design and was therefore destined to pursue her lifelong love of art and design.

‘I have always enjoyed working with people and I love that I am still helping people, just in a different and wonderful way.’

As a designer, Megan is regarded for her creativity along with her considered and detailed approach. Woven into her work is the ideal combination of texture, warmth, refined sophistication and style, whilst still embracing a strong sense of her clients’ personalities. Megan is fully committed to every project. Her focus is always to create simply beautiful spaces and, in doing so, enhance her clients’ lives along the way.